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CONTACT the artist by email to make a purchase.   All prices are in Canadian dollars and include applicable taxes.   Packing and shipping costs are extra. Please quote item number and title when ordering.   Allow 6 weeks for delivery. All dimensions are stated as Width x Height [and x Depth for sculptures.] 

All watercolours and drawings use acid free matts.  The backing board and tape used is also acid free.  Plexi glass is used on all matted pictures.  All oils and watercolours are created using Winsor and Newton artist quality paints. All watercolours [unless otherwise stated] are done on acid-free watercolour paper of 90 lb weight or heavier.  All pictures are framed with a molding, or a molding and 2 matts, which is about 3 inches in width, adding approximately 6 inches to the dimensions of any framed image.

For watercolour and drawn images that will be matted, and which allow you to use the 'Matt Picker', please choose a custom matt colour, and quote the matt colour number when ordering.   Note that the matt colours may not be exactly as shown, but every effort will be made to provide as close a match as possible.  On pictures which have these matts, there is a 1/4-1/2 inch inner matt, and a larger 2 1/2 inch outer matt, surrounding the picture.  The inner matt is usually black or white [chosen to contrast with the edge of the image] while the wider, outer matt will be the colour as selected above.  Those images already framed [which show the "How does it look framed?" box] do not allow for the choice of a custom matt colour as they are already framed.

Personalized gift cards can be created for shipments which are going direct from the artist to the gift's recipient.  A hand-written note from the sender can be either digitally photographed or scanned by you, sent to Doug, and then printed on a gift card for inclusion with your gift.